TWO senatorial candidates of the Nacionalista Party (NP) yesterday said that because of the warm reception they got from Cebuanos during their two-day campaign sortie here, they are confident they will win in Cebu in the May 10 elections.

In a press conference, senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla said Rep. Eduardo Gullas and all the mayors in the first district of Cebu are supporting them, which will debunk claims by political opponents that they have no local candidates in Cebu.

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“We are pleasantly surprised by the support of the Cebuano people… We had planned to go to Bohol this weekend but we decided to stay because of the overwhelming reception. I think if the election will be conducted today, we will definitely win,” Remulla said.

They said Dumanjug Mayor Cesar Baricuatro and Bantayan Mayor Geralyn Escario hosted their visits in some areas.

Senatorial candidate Adel Tamano said they went to Pasil, Cebu City, then by helicopter to Toledo City, Bantayan town, Bogo City, Talisay City and other areas.

“Everywhere we go, NP presidential standard bearer Manuel Villar, vice presidential candidate Loren Legarda and all the NP senatorial candidates are warmly welcomed by the people. Once we are in the market, people gather around to meet us,” Remulla said.

On the other hand, Tamano and Remulla said the NP wants to be allied with the One Cebu Party of Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia and they are planning to close a deal not later than March 15.

But the two denied that the NP did not put up local candidates because they have a previous understanding with Garcia.

“The point is: if you put up a candidate against an incumbent who is unbeatable just because you want to get political support, you practically destroy your good relationship with old friends,” Tamano said.

“Garcia is a very desirable ally. But talking to the governor is not yet on the drawing board,” Remulla said.

When sought to comment, Rep. Pablo Garcia, the governor’s father, said One Cebu is strongly supporting presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro of Lakas-Kampi.

Rep. Garcia said there’s an exception on senatorial candidates especially that Lakas-Kampi only has four senatorial candidates, and they support eight other senatorial candidates from other political parties. (EOB)