MILITANT group of Karapatan-Negros said it had sought for an investigation on the alleged presence of armed men in Sitio Minauyahan, Minautok, Calatrava in northern Negros Occidental on the “disputed land” owned by the Lumayno family.

Fred M. Caña, secretary-general of Karapatan, said they will meet Monday with Provincial Election Supervisor Jessie Suarez to formally lodge their complaint against the Lumaynos whom the group tagged as “warlord” in the town.

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Caña said, he was informed that 16 private armies believed to be members of the Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPA-ABB) including six blue guards were posing threat to the area especially to the farmers and that they want the Commission on Elections (Comelec) probe on them.

Karapatan’s statement came following harassment case against members of the Paghidaet sa Kalambuan sa Sitio Kambayugo, an affiliate of National Federation of Sugar workers (NFSW) which they blamed it on the Lumayno family.

Karapatan said the Lumaynos hired security guards and private goons in Sitio Minauyahan, Minautok in the said town.

“We condemned the continuous harassment against our members,” said Caña.


Cresensia Jumawan and Lucia Nativo, both of Sitio Minauyahan, Minautok, Calatrava, pointed at Raul Baterna, an ex-Philippine Constabulary (PC) member together with five security guards under Jacua Security Agency whim they said were responsible for strafing and mauling them last Feb. 19. “after the two women prevented the group of Baterna including armed security guards from destroying their standing root crops,” said Caña.

Baterna could not be reached as of last night to comment.

Witnesses and two women disclosed that while at the field, Jumawan attempted to stop the tractor driver and security guard in destroying the crops.

“Baterna boxed Cresencia on her neck and bite her at her back…she was struggling. Baterna with his short gun fired a shot for several times. Lucia Nativo, Cresencia’s sister, ran to rescue her (Cresencia) but was also mauled by Baterna,” said Caña.

The security guards likewise discriminately shot their gun and prevent the nearby people to come as they continued to destroy the crops being planted by the group, added Caña.

Further, Karapatan also pointed at the Lumaynos for the numerous cases of harassment in the area since last year. Among of these Karapatan cited were the strafing of six carabaos last Sept. 7, the killing of Reynaldo Bucaling, and numerous harassment.

Also, Karapatan scored that Lumayno together with security guard indiscriminately fired their guns to the farmers last Jan. 15 followed on Feb. 6, 7 and 9.

“Baterna together with unidentified men believed to be members of the RPA and security guards arrived and threatened them to be buried to the ground. Baterna and the security guards indiscriminately fired their guns to the farmers,” said Caña.

Karapatan-Negros is alarmed over this recent development and fear for the safety and lives of the people in Minauyahan, said Caña.

He said: “Warlordism rules in Barangay Minautok, a bad sign of an unhealthy condition that directly and indirectly affect the life, liberty and means of livelihood of the people.”

He added: “We call on local government unit, Comelec, and the Police to take action in order to protect the members of Pakigdaet sa Kalambuan sa Sitio Kambayugo (PSK) from further bloodshed in the area.”