CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The San Fernando Water District assured Monday its more than 29,000 residential, commercial and government concessionaires of sufficient water supply amid the dry spell.

General Manager Jorge Gumba told Sun.Star Pampanga that there will not be any problem on the part of the water firm with regards to the water supply of the city.

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"Initially, I can assure that we have sufficient supply of water except when we experience breakdowns which rarely happens. Water supply will only be affected if the phenomenon will last, say for year. But for now, water distribution will only be affected if something goes wrong with our equipment," Gumba said.

He said the water district has drilled two new production wells to increase water supply this El Niño season.

Though such measures would incur additional production cost on the part of the water district, Gumba said the water district will not be raising water fees even if there is a dry spell.

But Gumba stressed there is no reason for the people not to conserve water.

"Our main concern during El Niño phenomenon is to really conserve water and maximize its use." Gumba said, adding that there are many ways in which consumers can help in water conservation.

"Water used to rinse clothes could still be used for washing vehicles, and for flushing the toilet," he said. (Ian Ocampo Flora)