IT WAS a star-studded two-day affair in the University of Baguio’s (UB) Cardinals Gym. It was not just because of the presence of biggies with the likes of Kris Aquino, Ai-ai Delas Alas, Freddie Garcia, Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano, but more importantly because of the numerous celebrity-hopefuls who are stars in their own rights.

The place was jam-packed as hundreds wanted to witness the premiere auditions of the Pilipinas Got Talent, a talent reality television show that is based on the Got Talent franchise. The show drew a huge response so a lot of talented people auditioned for the coveted slots.

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It was a very challenging and tough time for all these hopefuls because they only had this one chance to audition, one chance to belt out what they’ve got, and it is this chance that would and could usher their ticket to stardom.

As is the case of talent reality shows, that chance of a lifetime is determined by a group of judges who would decide if one talent is fit to move up to the next level. This group is composed of TV host and actress Kris Aquino, comedian-actress Ai-ai Delas Alas, and former ABS-CBN president and COO Freddie Garcia.

These three people would determine the fates of all these talents. After their performances, these talents would be evaluated and critiqued (yes, even harshly) by these judges.

After giving off their best in their performances, the judges will decide right there and then if these hopefuls have what it takes to go to the next round. Some wannabes don’t even have the chance to finish their pieces as the judges have the authority to buzz them off in the middle of their performances. Indeed, it could be a horrifying experience for some but it could also be the most awaited breaks for others.

This batch of talents presented their array of talents—dancing and singing in different genres; cultural, classic to modern pop. The northern Luzon auditions here in Baguio featured a lot of local talents that could be aligned with international performances. Not everyone though got the much-hoped ayes and nods of the judges. But a lot of our local talents proved that the highlanders have much to boast about also.

Some went home frustrated but some were jubilant about the results. Still, triumphant or not, the real score there was that every single one of these hopefuls was able to portray their God-given gifts and talents in front of many people, that’s saying a lot already.

UB was surely a witness to the beginnings of probably some of our future celebrities. Whether or not they will make it to the top, they are already stars. To have talents such as the ones that were displayed is a humongous blessing already.