LIBERAL Party standard bearer Senator Noynoy Aquino has 54 percent of Bulacan's votes, according to former governor Josie dela Cruz.

“Without us doing anything, he is really strong. We wish we could get credit for that but in spite and despite us, Noynoy Aquino is coming in very strong in Bulacan,” said Dela Cruz.

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He said Noynoy's mother the late former President Cory Aquino sowed many seeds in Bulacan, making religious organization in the province very much behind him "without him even knowing it."

Dela Cruz refused to give the standing of Nacionalista Party presidential candidate Manny Villar, who garnered more votes than Aquino in Bulacan during the 2007 senatorial race.

“The fight of senators is different from the fight of presidents,” she said.

Bulacan has 1.5 million voters, one of the biggest in the country.

The province earlier witnessed an overturn of events when Obet Pagdangan was declared by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as the true winner of the 2007 gubernatorial race over sitting Governor Joselito “Jonjon” Mendoza.

Noynoy, in turn, reciprocates the support.

Last Wednesday, Dela Cruz said that Noynoy and running mate Senator Mar Roxas came into the defense of Mendoza, her brother, when “two battalions of policemen” went to the capitol to unseat Dela Cruz.

“We called him (Noynoy) at twelve o'clock. He arrived at 3 pm. He was even earlier than Jonjon,” she said.

Dela Cruz, during the Monday rally of the Liberal Party in Marilao and San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, said that he expects the Bulakenyos to be with him again as he goes back to the capitol on Tuesday.

“Bulakenyos can not be deceived. Bulakenyos choose the right path,” he said.

In the spirit of the upcoming 24th anniversary of Edsa People Power 1, Noynoy told Bulakenyos that he will not allow anyone to be oppressed.

“The message is very simple. Like many Filipinos, we have experience how it feels to be oppressed... We commend the like of Jonjon and Josie who could have chosen to fatten themselves with public funds,” Noynoy said.

Noynoy expressed confidence that Mendoza's unseating could be positive. “The people who votes for him (Mendoza) which basically double their effort to bring him back to the position.”

Malacañang has been targeting the Liberal Party, Noynoy said.

“It started with the termination of the Provincial Directors, Chief of Police. There is the seemingly hurried hearing of cases of our peers such as Among Ed (governor of Pampanga). The more they condemn our supporters, I think instead of losing heart, the drive to defend the good becomes stronger,” he said.

Roxas, for his part, said it's about time Bulakenyos choose the right path while saying the V-like hand gesture that is Villar's trademark should be corrected with the L-shape gesture, which is their trademark.

Mendoza is running for representative of Bulacan while Dela Cruz is running for governor. (Angela Casauay/Sunnex)