CATHOLIC bishops are calling for the resignation of Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral for failure to think of the consequences of her actions, particularly the distribution of free condoms to the public.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, vice chairman of CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life (ECFL), said the health chief should resign from her post as she does not know the effects of her actions.

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“She should resign from her post since she does not think of the danger the public may be facing if more people started using condoms,” he said in an interview over Radio Veritas 846.

The prelate cited the case of Africa, when its government allowed the promotion of condoms, the number of HIV-Aids cases increased.

“Such official should not be allowed to lead the country, as her action is immoral, she should not be allowed to serve in the government since she knows for a fact that condoms does not decrease or prevent the spread of HIV-Aids,” Arguelles said.

At the same time, Arguelles urged Cabral to change her stand on the use of contraceptive.

“This is scary since the morality of the nation is at stake here especially the youth. We hope she’ll change mind before she start convincing others to support her,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes supported Arguelles’s call for Cabral to resign.

“Government officials who are immoral should not be allowed to stay in their post just like Cabral since it is the morality of the country that will suffer,” said the former chairman of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Biblical Apostolate.

He noted that it is not the use of condoms that will solve the problem on HIV-AIDS but on how the people will follow God’s will and to give importance to the sacredness of the human body.

“Definitely yes! She should resign. This kind of government program promotes immorality, the bottom line here is only money,” Bastes said.

He said Cabral should not be allowed to reach her term until June since she would endanger the culture and morality of the nation. “Hindi na dapat umabot pa sa Hunyo sa puesto si secretary Cabral dahil delikado at malalagay sa panganib ang kultura at moralidad ng lipunan dahil sa kanya.” (FP/Sunnex)