THERE’S no better way to know a thing or two about a place and its culture than an introduction to its food—particularly, its street food.

Netflix’s upcoming series “Street Food” lets its viewers embark on a culinary journey while learning about the stories of the people that contribute to the street food culture spread across the world. Cebu, the Queen City of the Philippines, is part of the show during its tour across Asia.

The episode on Cebu will showcase mouthwatering local dishes and staples loved both locals and tourists from the Tuslob Buwa (which means to dip into a froth or bubbles) composed of pork brains, innards and spices sautéed in a wok and thickened to boil; the Nilarang Bakasi, sour stew made with reef eel, and the ever popular and signature dish of Cebu: the famous Lechon.

Other cities that will be featured include Seoul, South Korea; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Delhi, India; and Bangkok, Thailand, to name a few.

From the creators of “Chef’s Table,” “Street Food” is set to premiere on April 26 on Netflix.