ONE of my friends asked me for tips for students transitioning into the workforce.

I love fresh grads. They always bring a new energy to the office—fresh ideas, new thoughts, and interesting new work styles.

Here are some of my thoughts I shared to my friend—I hope these will be helpful to newbies on the job.

Learn to be still. I know we’re used to getting things done fast and conveniently—fast food, quick deliveries, ride sharing, quick searches, fast communication etc. Being new to organizations means learning new internal processes and systems, understanding products, and totally learning the ropes. It might get overwhelming—but don’t let it get to you. Sit down. Take time to digest everything. It may not be fastest to the fast-paced life we’re used to, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Speak up and share your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and your ideas. You have a wealth of knowledge to share! You can bring new and fresh ideas to the table—and those ideas may be cultivated and nurtured into something greater.

Build strong relationships with others. Remember to be kind and mindful. It’s not just you in the organization, but there are others as well. Build good and trusting friendships with your colleagues so you can support each other fully and build a psychologically safe work environment.

Take feedback as feedback. Don’t be afraid of reminders and feedback from your bosses and superiors. Learn from the experience and don’t take things personally. At work there will always be positive and negative feedback.

Remember, find opportunities for growth in every moment.

Don’t be quick to jump ship just yet. I know things may get overwhelming or we might lose interest right away. But take challenges as opportunities for growth and development. Take time in the organization to grow in your profession and hone your craft.

Find mentors and coaches. Look for mentors who can guide you and challenge you. Mentors ask the right questions for you to reflect not only on how to be a better employee but a better person as well.

Be a learner and an employee. Continue learning. Learning doesn’t stop once you get your diploma and off that stage. Once you join the workforce, you develop your craft further and build your competence and skills. Work is not an opportunity just to earn money—but it is an opportunity to grow, learn and positively contribute to the organization and the people it serves.

Learn from your wins, learn from your mistakes, and learn to become a better leader in your organization.

Welcome to the workforce, kids!