CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PamCham) urged business leaders and owners Tuesday to make use of the time-tested Filipino resiliency in dealing with business challenges.

In their Kapihan with PamCham meeting at the Bale Kampampangan here, Pamcham President Rene Romero, along with experts from the University of the Philippines (UP) and Angeles University Foundation (AUF), said the Filipino attitude of looking at the brighter side of any adversity is a great tool in overcoming challenges in life and even in the business setting.

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"Only in the Philippines do we see people afflicted by calamities but we always find ways to smile and laugh at our tribulations. This resiliency is also effective in business as businessmen are able to adapt to the needs of the times no matter what calamity," Romero said.

The proven character and resiliency of the Filipinos can always take head-on the challenges of the times. The best and the worst are yet to come but with the strong leadership from the national to the local governments, the Filipinos with our resiliency and proven character can always take head-on these challenges, he said.

UP Professor Ryan Melendres said that Filipino resiliency is a good attitude that has managed to save Filipinos from the most trying times. He said that Filipinos are able to find happiness in simple things and make fun of even their life tribulations.

“We are a happy people. But the problem with us is we are only reactionary. We can adapt to adversities but we do not have that instinct to prepare for calamities,” Melendres said, adding that understanding the Filipino attitude towards adversity can also give insights of our flaws.

AUF Professor Ryan Sierra said an effective management of the Filipino resiliency spirit should be used in times of challenges and in improving the country’s economic and social conditions.

“We must be as focused if this country is to move towards the realization of the country’s goal of achieving political reforms and more economic stability. The same unity of purpose must be observed instead of looking for faults and blunders; instead of bickering and political noise,” he said.