CLARK FREEPORT -- The increase of workers inside this freeport reached to 750, the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) announced Tuesday through its Corporate Services Department (CSD) January 31 summary report.

CSD informed CDC President Benigno N. Ricafort that as of last end of last month, the Freeport was able to record an all time high of 58,777 besting the record set in December 31, 2009 of 58,027 workers here.

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CSD Manager Rodem Perez said that on January 31, 2009, the workers in Clark are only 55,646 compared to that of 58,777 – a total increase of 3,131 in one year.

Many of the firms inside Clark were able to avert economic decline last year, Ricafort said.

The increase of workers in Clark was due to the expansion and improvement established by semi-conductors (electronics), information technology, service-oriented and other manufacturing firms.

Perez also said in his report to Ricafort that significant decrease was also seen in garment and furniture industries because of the worldwide economic meltdown that hit the country last year.

The CSD manager is hopeful with the recovery of many countries from the crisis, especially the United States and other European countries affected.

The opening of more firms this year is also expected to increase workers as some projects have stated initial construction stages and the full operation of Texas Instruments this year.

There are a total of 452 firms that have signed lease agreements in Clark, of which 401 reports the number of employees to CSD.

Ricafort said the increase is an indication of continued economic recovery and growth, including the entry of new projects signed last year.

He is also optimistic that before the end of the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in June 30 this year, there will be upsurge in the number of workers once Texas Instrument is fully operational.

CDC’s thrust is anchored in the vision of President Arroyo to make Clark as Central Luzon’s employment capital and contribute to generation of new workers to improve the economic growth of the country, he said.

CSD also informed Ricafort that the biggest contributor of jobs here are the various industrial sector, which includes the garment, electronic, furniture and other crafts, and other manufacturing firms, tourism, and business process outsourcing contributing more than 50,385 workers.