Saving Water

Saving Water

It seemed like many were caught off guard when the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) earlier announced that there was going to be a “weak” El Niño this year. Being tagged as “weak,” people perhaps dismissed it as something that would just be manageable and that they could continue with their wasteful ways, especially in the use of water. However for the past several weeks, there have been reported diminishing water levels in dams and reservoirs and shortages of water supply. People seem to believe that water will always be there every time they turn on the tap. Water, though, is one of the most vulnerable resources, especially in the time of climate change. Today, the ‘Zup readers share what they have been doing to save water.

“To save water and to stay hydrated at the same time, I always keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator which I could bring when I go out and minimize buying bottled water wherever I go. Also in taking a bath, I minimize using the shower because it wastes a lot of water.”

Engil Raimone Miano, 19, psychology student (USJ-R)

“I paint a lot as practice for our school projects at home. There are times where I need to wash my water container off of paint residue. The water I use to wash it off is the same water gathered from washing or bathing. I do this since the water mixed with soap helps clean my water container, ready for my next painting, at the same time, lessens my water usage.”—Louisse Nicolette Hortel, 20, architecture student (USC)

“I try to patronize local products and those that entail lesser use of raw materials to produce, including water.”

Ralph Anthony Ventura, 25, student (Airworks Aviation Academy)

“Some people might find this unconventional but personally, I only take one full shower a day. I come home from work in a construction site so as soon as I get home I take a shower and rest.”—Renzee Moe Lao, 23, junior architect


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