ONE of Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña’s priorities if he gets elected congressman is to crack down on dubious drugs and herbal medicines like those sold by his rival Atan Guardo.

“I will crack down dubious drugs that cure you of cancer, high blood or whatever,” he said.

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If herbal medicines have spread like the plague, Cong. Tommy would be the cure.


Atan Guardo’s family owns the company that produces and sells anti-arthritic Arthro and other food supplements.

Arthro, like most herbal supplements, carry the disclaimer, “no approved therapeutic effect.”

Mayor Tommy said, “Kinsa may makasabot ana, ang mga pobre? Arthro cures arthritis, that’s clearly deception. You’re giving people false hopes.”

I still remember Arthro made former president Erap Estrada run in one TV ad.

Erap is running for president.


There are herbal supplements for every imaginable ailment in the body, and they’re available over the counter in most drug stores.

But I still haven’t heard yet of any cure for hair loss or baldness.

I hope people in Cabadiangan would find one before Cong. Tommy launches his crackdown on herbal supplements.

Balding people would no longer ask the question, “toupee or not toupee?”


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has challenged all those who malign Nacionalista Party standard bearer Sen. Manny Villar to debate or box with her.

“They want to debate with Manny Villar. If they want, we can do it all day and all night. Pero hindi lang debate. Kong gusto nila, suntukan rin,” the feisty senator said.

If elections were fought in the ring, the other Manny, Pacman Pacquiao would win hands down.


Mayor Tommy, a Guadalupe resident, said he will boycott the March 13 plebiscite that will determine whether to separate sitios Englis and Banawa from Guadalupe.

He said he will neither vote for or against the bill because he is in favor of a three-way split of Guadalupe.

Well, he can still have his way if he gets elected congressman of the city’s south district.