MANILA— A military spokesman said two Philippine Air Force (PAF) pilots were killed when their light aircraft crashed Wednesday in Crow Valley, Tarlac during training.

"We confirm that an OV-10 plane crashed at 2:40 p.m. today in Crow Valley, Tarlac. Initial reports state that the said aircraft took off at 11:25 in the morning and the aircraft was piloted by 2 PAF officers who were on flight training. The remains of the 2 pilots have already been recovered," Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Gerardo Zamudio said in a television interview, adding that there were no passengers on the aircraft.

Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Brawner, meanwhile, said there will be an investigation on the crash.

Last month, a decades-old twin-prop Nomad aircraft crashed, killing an air force general and eight other people in southern Cotabato city. (AP/Sunnex)