LOCAL politics is stinking. The Nograles Team has thrown every foreseeable issues and unpredictable garbage which are at best consigned to the garbage bins.

Their problem is that they live in a house of glass such that each time they come out with contrived topics against Duterte these quickly boomerang on them, spreading splinters into their glasshouse.

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Each time they threw stones at the mayor, a rock of Gibraltar falls on them.

Let's digress a bit here. Nograles initial machination was to ask the Commission on Audit look into the expenditures at the People's Park. This did not wash.

Failing in that, he asked the Commission on Human Rights to investigate the alleged state-sponsored killings in Davao City. What CHR exhumed after the series of investigation and sleuthing was barely half a skeleton which predates World War II and motor vehicle plates a pair of which belong to a mystery woman whose name, I was told, will be revealed by Mayor Duterte at the proper time.

The skeleton and the car plates were thrown out by the Regional Trial Court later saying these were inadmissible in court. In the end, a certain detainee from Panabo City formally charged Speaker Nograles, CHR Chair Leila De Lima and her probe team for whisking him out of prison without any court order.

The detainee was supposed to witness for them and to point at the so-called mass grave which they had bruited about.

Failing in that, he went to head Ombudsman in Quezon City and filed a case against three top executives of Davao City government and in a parallel move filed an administrative case against Mayor Rody Duterte for dismantling the cement cover in the main drainage canal of the city poblacion. The Ombudsman, without asking the respondents to answer the charges, proceeded to suspend the city administrator, the city engineer and the head of the city drainage division. The Court of Appeals permanently restrained the order to the chagrin of Nograles.

And then comes the expos‚ of former Mayor Ben de Guzman now running for vice mayor of Speaker Nograles. He came rattling about COA report on unaccounted city properties and equipment with an assumed value of P2.9-billion. It turned out, according to Mayor Duterte, his ex-political ward only pulled out the records that would suit his warped agenda.

All told, the so-called COA 10-paged document is nothing but listings of properties and equipment that date back to when Davao City came to being up to the present dispensation. The continuing audit goes on and on in as far as the unaccounted assets of the city are concerned.

But all the local government units, departments and agencies including Congress and Malacanang have their own unaccounted assets. If COA were to send to jail incumbent officials by making them accountable for the missing assets from past administrations, I am certain that Mayor Duterte, de Guzman and Speaker Nograles will find themselves in jail along with Mayors Binay, Hagedorn, etcetera, etcetera to include heads of COA.

And now the garbage bins. Volumes of black propaganda have been printed which purports that the garbage bins purchased by Davao is grossly overpriced. After a cursory look at the items, which the black propaganda claims are pretty much cheaper, one will immediately recognize the material difference. The garbage bins compared with those city-owned receptacles are non-industrial in quality.

These are Davao-made and the raw materials used are plastics recycled from Cavendish banana plantations and other plastic items salvaged by scavengers from the dumps and sold to the local manufacturers of garbage receptacles, garbage bags, and plastic basins to name a few.

Those city garbage bins are worth the price. The problem of Mayor Duterte is that the barangay officials who are tasked to take care of those bins are not doing their job.

I do not think that the basureros are mindful of those bins either as they just throw away the receptacles after emptying these in the trucks. There ought to be a way how these expensive items are to be maintained.

It is about time we do away with these hogwash campaigning. If Nogie wants to be mayor he should tell us whether he can better manage our peace and order condition and lure investors to the city. I still have to see a viable alternative coming from his camp.

In the meantime, Duterte should worry next how and where to dispose of these truckloads of printed misinformation paraphernalia waiting just for the right time to be circulated in the city.

The mayor had gotten hold of this move but just dismissed it anyway saying 'magkakuarta diha ug daku, gawas sa duha ka printing press, ang mga bata nga mamunitay ug mga papel ug lata sa kadalanan ug ibaligyaay ngadto sa mga comprador ug papel (Aside from the two printing presses where they ordered the propaganda materials, the used paper scavengers will rake in some profits).


Here's an item from the e-mails:

From James Noicalosnoc: I have read regularly your column in the internet (Sun Star Davao), though it comes out off and on. Your scathing write-ups against Boy Nograles is the right dose for him, his Gonga Din mouthpiece with the likes of Palparan ("the butcher") and Alcover his alleged mercenary. Well, I have nothing personal against the man called Boy (who is too old to be called such name).

He has been engaging the mercenary services of the likes of Palparan and Alcover just to destroy the image of Davao before the eyes of the international community of nations. The dichotomy, therefore, between truth and lies spewed out of the dirty mouth of Duterte's political arch enemy, as well as between facts and fiction spewed out of the mouth of Boy's mercenaries, is not contributing anything for the good of the City.

When Ben de Guzman was the Mayor of Davao before, pickpockets, hold up gangs, snatchers, and other shadowy characters went back to Davao City with impunity, committing crimes everywhere. My Auntie (the wife of my late Uncle) was a victim of pickpockets at Victoria Plaza.

The political quarrel between Duterte and Nograles does not augur well for the progress of Davao City. When Palparan and Alcover painted Davao City as the alleged "killing field" over the radio, they are, in effect destroying or have destroyed the image of Davao City before the eyes of the international community. The irreconcilability of these two political titans of Davao will not, or will never contribute anything beneficial to the city of Davao.

I think enough, is enough, is enough of this nonsense quarrel.

Mea culpa for the inconsistent appearance of my columns. I am being berated for it by friends from Canada and the US. I will endeavor to write often, now that politics are abrewing in this parts. Thank you. For comments please email to: scledesmajr@yahoo.com.