ELITE runner Elmer Bartolo was victimized by robbers who stole his new running shoes, prompting him to ask for help from RUNNR Cebu.

"RUNNR Cebu is proud to be associated with local elite runners like Elmer Bartolo and Mary Grace delos Santos," said assistant manager William Llaguno.

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RUNNR presented Bartolo with a new pair of Newton Racer last Tuesday.

"We are happy too that we're able to help them in their needs," Llaguno said.

Bartolo came to RUNNR two weeks back and asked if the store could "sponsor" a pair of running shoes for him because robbers had stolen his running racers.

He said he hung his shoes to dry after washing them outside his boarding house when robbers chanced upon them. The racers that the robbers took were relatively new, thus leaving Bartolo with old and almost tattered racers.

Toby Claudio, CEO of RUNNR, immediately approved a pair of Newtons for Bartolo, upon learning of the runner's predicament. Claudio had earlier given a pair of Newton

Racers to delos Santos, which she wore in winning the Davao City Marathon last December. (PR)