PRESIDENT Gloria Macapal-Arroyo “snubs the opening of the Ched National Games”, says a sports headline of a local daily.

Why the Chief Executive should prefer the heat of Metro Manila when she can smile at Puerto Princesa visiting her favorite destinations?

The 6,000 collegiate athletes and Ched officials at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex cannot be compared to the coolness of Palawan where she encourages spur tourism and economic growth.

Isn't it the reason that holidays are being transferred to other dates to help tourism?

Surely, it is more fun to frolic and enjoy underground rivers in Hagedorn's turf than meeting PSC chair Harry Angping, CHED's boss Manny Angeles and Mayor Alfredo Lim of Manila.

Afterall Angping has offered P20,000 for athletes who can break existing records. This incentive will be enough to compensate for her presence in the opening ceremony.

Anyway, the athletes and officials are having their vacation in Metro Manila, never minding the heat and can take cover in Mall of Asia and those cool establishments surrounding RMSC.

Region 6 (Western Visayas) has sent a strong 318 delegation. There are 212 athletes, 33 coaches, 58 members from SCUAA and 15 officiating officials. We're not sure though if WVPRISAA sports director Roger Banzuela was able to raise enough funds in millions for the trip to the games.

As long as nobody complains when these contingent comes home, no problem. But if somebody blew the whistle, like those Bacolod softball teams travelling abroad, then we have another problem on our hands.

In fact some of those issues were never solved. Like the Pajero that jumped into the Reclamation Area; like the chemicals contained in imported rice; like the authors of "killed" politicians; like the confusing plunder and syndicate cases in city and provincial governance.

We are all in this mess. We cannot even understand how appointed government officials still run their offices when they have filed their certificate of candidacies.

Well, politics and sports simply is a good mix. Or worst if the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sports Commission mix it up with national sports associations.

But who cares. People would rather go with their daily routine, play golf in Marapara and Binitin, keep cool at SM and Robinson and enjoy traffic, peddlers, smoke and garbage of Bacolod. GMA need not resign says the Supreme Court. Why should she…?

She is in Palawan. It is cooler than Ched games.