For centuries we have heard people say that white hair is a sign of wisdom. I agree with them because as people age, white hair begin to appear especially at the age of thirty five to forty and above and generally as a person ages she/he acquires more wisdom. I hope that this is what they mean by “white hair as a sign of wisdom.”

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Scientifically there are many reasons why we have white hair even at a young age. I have written bellow some reasons why we have white hair and answers to some questions about it:

1. White hair is a condition called cannities.

2. Melanin production gradually slows down then stops all together.

This explains why other women say that when they colored their hair the first few times their white hair were few then suddenly their white hair increased.

They blame the repeated coloring as the cause of the increase of their white hair. But the reason maybe is that when they first had their color the decrease in their melanin production was slow then after sometime the decrease in melanin production increased which was also the time they had repeatedly colored their hair.

So I think we should not blame the color for increasing your white hair. I think there are no chemicals in the color that will increase your white hair. 

It is a natural process of the body.

3. White hair generally appears between ages 35 to 40.

4. Ageing causes white hair. It’s a natural process.

5. Lifestyle – if we are so stressed there is a tendency to grow white hair.

6. Heredity factors – there are people who have white hair even at a young age because it is in their genes.

7. Illness – some people who have illnesses grow more white hair maybe because of medication (like those having chemotherapy) and stress.

8. We cannot acquire or grow more white hair through coloring because what ever is done to our hair outside the scalp (the hair is dead outside the scalp) the hair inside the scalp is not affected.

Whatever hair color we have or whether we have few or plenty of white hair. It is important that we accept that ageing is a natural process and having a white hair is part of it. We should be happy and grateful while we are ageing because we acquire more wisdom because of our experiences and the people we meet.

Honestly, I sometimes say that I can’t wait to be forty because I want to see how I look and live at that age.

Either we color or not our white hair, let’s grow old gracefully!

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