Given the global information tool of the Internet, the mass circulation of the best athletes in the world has easily been disseminated. The information likewise made it easier for us to know the “best of the best”, who sometimes are idolized by many of us because they are catchy, liked and struck a familiar chord of what we Filipinos want to be in the true fashion of the Pinoy athlete.

It is attached to these compendiums of athlete characters in the social information tool which is striking why we imitate their characters and assume that we are like them. Though many enjoy laughs over our amusing but often inimitable mannerisms, we become aware that some attributes are derogatory.

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Though it is uncomfortable perpetuating these “putdowns”, we see opportunities to showcase positive Pinoy athlete traits as well.

We Pinoys are survivors of a medley of colonial influences, and talking about identity, many Pinoy’s are uncertain of who and what we were. We confuse ourselves with others and sometimes even feel inutile to talk about nationhood and nationalism because we had been so hopelessly “Coca-Colonized”.

So what does it mean to be a Pinoy athlete? Perhaps it is in the company of non-Filipinos where we truly stand out because the Pinoy spirit often prevails, thanks in great part to an optimistic outlook that is deeply ingrained in our culture. So if you should catch a glimpse of yourself in these Pinoy attributes and find yourself laughing, then kick off your “Spartan” shoes and enjoy this lighthearted romp.

With style you are a Pinoy athlete if: You make sure that your family is your fan in every game; You usually use an imitated jersey of a foreign player obviously you want to imitate; You always beg, steal or borrow the newest rubber shoes design to be better looking when playing; and you always make the sign of the cross or kneel down before playing a game.

Most athletes feel better imitating others than playing the game as themselves. They feel depressed upon losing, thinking they lost because of “tiamba”. They come late to practice because they know they’re the top guys, and worst they feel that they alone can make the team win.

Honestly speaking, Pinoy players imitate their idols because it is a fact that the “Coca-Colonization” of the Pinoy leaves behind a feeling of asking who we really are.

So the question is: Pinoy athlete, kilala mo ban ang sarili mo?