LAKAS-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro is getting more support as he roams around the country for his campaign trail.

In his recent visit to Iloilo, Teodoro was able to win the support of numerous volunteers from all walks of life as they vowed to help him in his campaign.

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Jose Naranjo, founder of Volunteer Center in Iloilo said in a press statement that “there’s a tremendous hunger for Gibo in Iloilo.”

According to him, everyone in the province is interested to meet and greet the presidential aspirant to personally hear his platform.

“When people meet him, and talk to him, they tend to become true believers,” he said citing how Teodoro performed well in presidential forums that they have witnessed.

“Everybody is interested about him and seeing him up close hearing him talk has virtually converted many voters here (Iloilo),” added Naranjo. “It is apparent that an ever increasing number of voters see Gibo as the most qualified candidate in this year presidential race, judging from his qualifications, track record at the defense department and in Congress, and his impressive performance in presidential debates.”

Since Teodoro’s one-day visit to Iloilo, Naranjo said the 24-hour hotlines of the Volunteer Center have been flooded with calls from people and organizations offering help and support for the administration party’s bet.

“The center has helped consolidate all the good feeling about Gibo in the province. Were getting calls from all over, from people who normally don’t involve themselves in politics, who want to volunteer their time and effort for free,” he said.

Aside from volunteer groups, several local officials had pledged support for the Harvard-trained lawyer. Among these officials are Iloilo Governor Sally Perez Zaldivar, Passi City Mayor Jessry Palmares, and former Iloilo governor Sim Grino.

In an event in Cebu last month, Zaldivar together with over 30 governors and mayors from all over the Visayas declared in separate manifestos their full support for Teodoro’s presidential bid.

There were also 300 bikers who are members of the local Volkswagen Club escorted Teodoro in his motorcade in Jaro City in Iloilo.

While in Iloilo, Teodoro attended the birthday celebration of Mayor Palmares at the Kawilihan Resort and another event at the Parish Jubilee Center that was attended by over 2,000 people.

He likewise visited the Central Philippines University (CPU) where some 3,000 students were present, said Naranjo.

Teodoro had an hour-long forum with students and teachers in CPU discussing issues on basic education and how these can be best addressed in the near future.

From CPU, he then proceeded to Pototan Public Market where thousands of vendors and plain citizens waited for his message of giving incentives for small entrepreneurs and the need for agricultural modernization in the province.

“(The warm welcome from Ilonggos) has shown that Gibo can easily bring together all strata of voters, from A, B, C, D, and E. It doesn’t matter, in fact, whether they are Lakas or Liberal,” ended Naranjo. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)