PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said live via telecast on Thursday her vision to heal the wounds of the past Edsa revolution has been met partially.

The President also warned however that the country would not tolerate another Edsa revolution and that the world will condemn the Philippines in case a third "people power" revolution takes place.

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"The world embraced Edsa-1 in 1986; the world tolerated Edsa-2 in 2001; the world will not forgive an Edsa-3 but would instead condemn the Philippines as a country whose political system is hopelessly unstable,” she stressed.

She said: “A few years ago, I declared that one of our goals is to heal the wounds of Edsa. To some extent, but necessarily not to the extent we wanted, we have achieved this.”

She added: “Most of those who used violence to express their opposition have had a change of heart and are now working with mainstream society to fast-track our growth.”

The President’s message was delivered at the People’s Power Monument at Edsa where she led the nation in commemorating the 24th anniversary of the bloodless February 1986 Revolution.

“The few who have vowed to fight constitutional authority, many of them are now seeking their own place in our political system, placing themselves under the rules of the Constitution," she added.

She noted that healing the wounds of Edsa is a part of her 10-point pro-poor agenda.

She opined that the 1986 event “taught the world how to be free again” adding that the People Power has been the hallmark of the Filipino struggle.

“People Power is the force that we will use to win war against non-partisan, and is all about the heroism of the many who believed in the Filipino” she said.

“It is a spirit that brought to the fore the greatness of the Filipino. The greatness that is continuously manifested today in the millions of our countrymen and women who make their own daily sacrifices so that our country can turn around,” she stressed.

National development

"It's our guide now as we wage battle on various fronts," the President said.

The President urged the Filipino people to collectively push national development with the same people power spirit and fervor that enabled the country to mount in 1986 the world's first bloodless revolution which ended former President Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorial reign.

She believes people power can bring forth a new peaceful revolution so the Philippines can move forward further.

President Arroyo acknowledged that much work still lies ahead to further boost development nationwide and People Power will help the country overcome the challenges.

The President lauded Filipinos who imbibed the people power spirit as it will help promote the country's economic development. "They made sacrifices to turn the country around," she said.

She also noted that most militants who previously advocated and used violence

now work in mainstream society where they are helping bring progress to the nation. (George M. De La Cruz)