ILIGAN CITY – Environmental group EcoWaste Coalition implemented water conservation measures and urged all consumers to do their share by cutting water use and waste.

This was the group’s response to Malacanang’s order directing government agencies to come up with water conservation measures due to the El Niño phenomenon this year.

In a statement, the EcoWaste Coalition said conserving water is not only a spontaneous response to the dry spell but an essential one to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases from the use of fossil fuels used to pump out and deliver water into the homes and neighborhoods.

The Coalition has given the following water conservation tips - 1) Repair faucet leaks; fix all leaky pipes, water containers and toilet tanks; 2) Place a brick, a jug with stones or a bottle filled with water inside the toilet tank to cut on water used in every flush; 3) Avoid flushing the toilet unnecessarily, put discarded tissues in the bin rather than in the toilet bowl; 4) Collect water dripping from air conditioners and use it in washing mops, watering the plants or flushing the toilet; 5) Do not let the water run when washing the dishes by hand, and collect the grey water for other purposes; 6) Water the plants after 5:00 p.m. when temperature is cooler to minimize evaporation and water them only when necessary, spread a layer of mulch around plants and trees to retain water and reduce evaporation; and 7) Never waste water served during meals, drink it up.