IT is always a familiar rant every time a big new movie or TV series is about to hit the screens. One can almost literally hear the screams against the overly-eager souls who usually spill the beans about what they had just seen in the theaters or TV. It is still a mystery though why people would go such distance to feel good about themselves and feel like “superstars” having been among those who would first see a much-sought-after show. Today, these readers share how they veer away from spoilers.

“I can avoid movie/ TV series spoilers by not opening my social media accounts when pirated copies or people who want to spoil movies post short clips or pictures about the movie or TV series. Once the movie is out, try to watch it ASAP in order for you not to see spoilers out on social media because people who have watched the movie ahead of you tend to share tidbits about the movie and post or brag about doing so.”

- Kent Rebni Refuerzo, 19, STEM student (Dr. V. Orestes Romualdez Educational Foundation Inc.)

“The more I try to avoid spoilers, the more they find me. So for me to ‘avoid’ spoilers, which really is an impossible thing to do unless I isolate myself in a cave with no communication with the world, I usually just let the spoilers be there—not minding them. I control myself not to read or see them. If I fail to do so, I just simply embrace it and keep my mouth shut.”- Erlyn Mesa, 19, architecture student (USC)

“Spoilers are like hunters; they chase you before you chase them. I figured out one of the best ways to avoid them is to steer away from anything related to a movie or TV show on the Internet. You can always ask people you know to zip their mouths. I’m glad that my friends and family members are respectful enough not to talk about it. I encourage all movie-goers to cultivate a culture of respect.”- Martini Manalili, 30, entrepreneur

“I personally like spoilers because it makes me feel like I have prepared myself for something to happen and it’s somewhat reassuring.”- David Suico, 20, business administration student (USC)


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