The elections are done.

Social media is currently on fire with post-elections conversations. There’s disappointment and there’s jubilation, and there’s “let-us-just-move-on-we-are-democracy-the-people-have-voted.”

At the end of June, a new (or old, for those re-elected) set of government officials will start their roles as government officials.

So what do we do now?

Do we just celebrate and it’s done? Are we just disgruntled by the results now and will do nothing later? Is this phase of celebration and annoyance just as it is—a phase?

Whatever we’re feeling, joy or unhappiness, obviously there’s a lot of passion for this country.

These feelings are here for a reason. We got lots of feelings. We’re invested in things—and we want to see things get done.

So let’s make sure that whoever is in office actually gets things done. Let’s continue using this fire and keep an eye on our government leaders—and on each other.

Hold them accountable. There’s been so much talk (or dancing?) about what they would promise to do once they’d be elected into office. Hold them accountable to their promises—let’s ask them to deliver. All of them have priority programs and things they want to look into—let’s both help them to get things done and keep an eye out on them.

But, please, let’s not ask them to dance.

Remember their platforms and programs. Ideally, those programs and platforms resonated with you, and that’s why you voted for them. Ask them to deliver those programs and improve what needs to be improved.

Track their performance. Do our leaders deliver? Leaders should have and build their competence over the years. They should be able to deliver their mandate. Keep an eye out for the performers and not the dancers.

Get involved and show your support. Your local government will have a lot of programs. Check out the local youth programs in your areas. Support your Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) and your local government unit’s youth agenda. There’s so much that you can do to help make your community a better place. There are projects you can develop and implement, and you can always find opportunities for working with government.

Remember, making the community a better place is not just the job of the elected official. It is your job. Sometimes we think our job is done once we elect our government officials—that’s not the case. True nation building begins with us; once we become better citizens and actively do our share in making our communities a better place, that’s when true progress happens.

Let’s build our nation—together.