ALTHOUGH he doesn’t earn by the millions like the other superstars in boxing, Filipino world champion Nonito Donaire was generous enough to share a portion of his earnings to a fellow Filipino fighter, who is in dire need of assistance.

Donaire and his wife, Rachel, donated P350,000 to fallen ALA fighter Z Gorres and his family.

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“I’m helping him (Gorres) out as a friend and a fellow fighter.

He is a fighter who works hard and has the heart and trains really hard. He inspired me and my family,” said the 27-year-old Boholano at a press conference the other day at the Loft Restaurant and Lounge.

Donaire said he had wanted to fight Gorres to avenge the loss of his brother Glenn. Z stopped Glenn in the first round of their bout in 2005 in Las Vegas. But over the years, he built a close bond with Gorres, after training for a while at the ALA Gym.

“I don’t earn by the millions but I’m giving a portion of my winnings from my last fight to Z,” he said.

 Aside from their aide to the Gorres family, the Donaires, with the help of some Filipino doctors from Daly City, are planning to put up a foundation for Z and boxers like him, who can no longer box because of accidents inside the ring, in the US and in the Philippines.

Although, the Donaires believe that their contribution was just a small sum and couldn’t pay off the $500,000 hospital bill of Gorres, Datches was thankful and was touched by the generosity of the couple.

“I’m very thankful that they came here and personally gave their assistance,” said Datches.