TWO improvised explosive devices were found in two important buildings in the city last Thursday. The two IEDs were found inside the ladies comfort room of the Davao City Hall and just outside the Tactical Supreme Store on Tionko Street near the gate of the Central Bank of the Philippines.

Somebody noticed the queer packages and immediately reported to authorities. The bomb squads were brought in with their canines and the packages were confirmed as explosives.

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Just as quickly as the news spread, fingers were already being pointed.

But then, we cannot blame the Dabawenyos if they put two and two together; because the bombs were found soon after the city council have said enough is enough with regards the constant claims of chaos and discord by two men. It was like a rebuffed doomsayer saying, "Okay, you do not believe me? What can you say about this now?"

By the way, we are not the ones who were saying these. Just listen in on any coffee shop or bistro or “inuman sa kanto” discussion, and you will know that beyond just the bombs found, the finger-pointing is the talk of the town.

Of course, there are other interest groups out there who would just want to wreak havoc on any highly urbanized city like Davao. We have been witnesses to that in the March 2003 and April 2003 explosions at the airport and the Sasa Wharf. In fact, that's the reason why we so willingly subject ourselves to inspection by the Task Force Davao and the security guard in every establishment we enter, and why we so willingly obey laws compared to other Filipinos in some other cities in the Philippines.

But it's the political season, and so the people only have politicians and their queer ways of winning votes in their sight. We also cannot blame the Dabawenyos for that. After all, it wasn't the Dabawenyos who were saying there is chaos and killings in Davao. The people were in fact very proud of the peace and order in the city. But there are a few were saying otherwise, and so when they were called to task for it right by no less than the city council just before the bombs were found, Dabawenyos, whether rightly or wrongly put two and two together. We cannot blame them.

But let us not be sucked into the vortex of the power trips of these politicians and terrorists and play the roles they want us to play.

Let us instead do what we have always been doing, being vigilant and looking out for ourselves, our neighbors and our communities. Reporting every suspicious person and package, and living our lives as normally as we can and abiding by the laws of the land and the city.

We have made our city what it is: a city where the smoking ordinance is strictly implemented, a city where there has been no single firecracker victim since nine years ago, a city that stands up vigilantly for the environment, a city of law-abiding citizens. No other city can stake claim to that and not be lying. If there are forces out to destroy that city, let us stand as one to thwart any such attempt.

Let us always remember that after this election season is over: 1) we will still be Dabawenyos living in Davao City, 2) the politicians with personal agenda will still be the greedy politicians that they are, and 3) terrorists are still those with evil intents. Of all three, we have the bigger stake in this because what we are trying to preserve is the city we have all built together, the same city that has nurtured our families and our lives, and which we hope will continue to nurture our future.

Don't ever let the terrorists and the politicians take that away from us. Let us not be cowered nor bought and let us not be blinded by lies and false promises. Let us always weed out the selfish interest from every election promise given, let us be quick to recognize avarice and slam the doors on those who continue to believe that our souls have prices and are for sale to the highest bidder. Let us vigilantly watch over our city, our votes, and yes, our future.