A GOOD library basically includes a well organized classification of acquired materials, preservation of materials, the de-accessioning of materials, patron borrowing of materials, and developing and administering library computer systems.

The library of Saint Louis Aurora Hill (SLAH) currently serves a total of 454 students.

With that number, it has to have a very efficient and effective library system. In October 2008, the group of SLU Director of Libraries Rina Diaron, Ginalyn Aspuria, Elizabeth Gumanlaw, and Lourdes Llanes visited the SLAH library to help and extend their services in reorganizing the library.

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Ms. Diaron likewise collaborated with the Benguet State University (BSU) to provide two Bachelor of Library and Information Science senior students namely Pearl Angelli Fausto and Jackson Colas.

The recommendations were discussed with SLAH teacher-librarian Melanie Martinez and principal Martina Dailay who were very much willing to provide the members of the team with the needed supplies, equipment, etc.

In July 2009, the group decided to continue what was left behind since the two senior students of BSU ended their practicum work. The project was sustained when Ms. Diaron, four representatives of the SLU Student Library Assistants' Society (SLAS), its president Melanie Campos, and this author visited SLAH and evaluated what needs to be done.

The tasks done in SLAH included cataloging the collection, writing the accession number on different parts of the book, pasting book labels, book pockets and other pertinent paper book identity, weeding, shelving and others. The procedure on book processing was also completed to have documented procedures in technically treating their library materials.

SLAH library booklet was also completed for their circulation services and resources. For the next two Sundays and with the author's supervision, the SLAS officers and members worked on the arduous task of reorganizing the school's library which they completed in August 2009.

The library was also physically rearranged thereby giving SLAH Library an atmosphere of conduciveness to learning and research. It also gave the SLAH faculty and the students an opportunity to appreciate the culture of reading.

The transformation of the SLAH Library is a big achievement for the SLU Libraries because its “Mission to Serve” was extended not only to the tertiary academic community but likewise to other diocesan schools.

The tedious completion of the library's reorganization marks a history in the history of the SLU Libraries because it was the first time that it assisted in building and reorganizing a school library in order to make it more functional and systematic.

Through this project, the SLU Libraries were able to put in action what the University President has been inculcating to everyone in the SLU community which is - the Mission to Transform. The mission indeed was difficult to fulfill, but with virtuous intentions, commitment and dedication, and undying enthusiasm, it provided fulfillment and happiness that neither malicious intentions can destroy nor money can buy.