THE public will have to remain guessing until the “new structure” is unveiled at the site where the concrete pine tree stands.

A check at the Upper Session Road rotunda showed the tree’s twigs and the pine needles have already been removed.

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Mayor Reinaldo Bautista Jr. said he could not divulge yet what will replace the concrete pine tree, but assured the structure will be “a testament that his administration heeds public clamor to have the tree removed.”

The mayor said the new structure would be “something memorable and significant.”

The mayor also said not a single government centavo will be used in the building of the monument.

Despite the mayor’s explanation, Baguio residents continue to wonder if the concrete pine tree would be finally “cut down” when workmen started covering the Session Rotunda with plastic cover Wednesday.

Former mayor and Congressman Bernardo Vergara, in a previous interview, said he is not against the destruction of the concrete pine tree since, “it already served its purpose” which is to remind constituents the need to preserve what is left of Baguio’s greenery.

However, a lot of Baguio residents continue to criticize Vergara’s tree as being only for show.

“A real tree, similar to the one at the foot of Session Road should have been planted there 14 years ago. It would be a very tall tree today,” quipped a blogger at the popular social network FaceBook.

Meanwhile, together with plans of creating a monument at the top of Session Road, the mayor announced his creation of a new commission that would replace the Baguio Centennial Commission (CenteComm).

After the celebration of the city’s centennial, the CenteComm, which was then created to take charge of the celebrations will dissolve this year.

The Baguio Commission, which is composed of urban planners meanwhile, would continue projects of the CenteComm. (With SB)