THE bio-ethanol plant is expected to generate income and employment to the city but the river can provide more long-term benefits to the people not only today but also the next generation, thus said Representative Rufus Rodriguez.


Residents of the hinterlands where the plant is supposed to be located can now sigh with relief that the proposed project has been scrapped by virtue of the resolution filed by the congressman to the Committee on Ecology of the House of Representatives.


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I would like to clarify that I am not campaigning for the congressman, but I would like to thank him for the job well done. I have gone to the place when I had my first white water rafting adventure and I was simply taken in awe of the wonders of the flora and fauna life that I have seen. Not to mention also the exciting rapids that I enjoyed bouncing along the way. Now the residents can still enjoy the serene and scenic environment instead of the future noise that will be generated by the proposed plant.


In the same manner, however, the residents must always be on guard for there might be reprisals. Alsons Consolidated, the plant’s proponent, might file petitions in court to get the project done. If our next sets of politicians are vigilant and courageous enough to object any and further undertakings, then the river is still safe from any eventual pollution. This is strike one for the proponent and its supporters. Therefore citizens of the hinterland and the city, please help in preserving this gift Mother Nature has given us.




Not once, but twice. No, I’m not referring to Ms. Susan Roces’ outburst on PGMA during the height of the Hello Garci scandal. I’m talking about the robbery incident that occurred in Justo Ramonal Street, Barangay 27 last February 7 at 7:00 p.m. The victims are Chinese nationals, with one of them recuperating from a hospital and the other died from a bullet wound in the chest. It should be remembered that last month, a Chinese national was also gunned down in a parking area of a well-known commercial complex. And the patterns, if I’m not mistaken, are deductible as such -- the suspects appear to be studying first their targets’ movements, strike in the early hours of the evening, and left on motorcycles for a faster getaway.




Well, I’m no private investigator, but our beloved policemen may study the angle of business-related rivalry also. If this is the case, then they should make efforts to point the mastermind as soon as possible. Apprehending the perpetrators is not enough, and I fear that there will be another one next month lying down in cold blood. I hope my fears will be unrealized. Whatever the cause of the crime may be, this has to stop since consequently the economy of the city would be affected also. Think of how many establishments that are owned by the Chinese and the number of persons employed. Think also men of the law of our safety even in broad daylight against thieves and muggers. Please keep us safe in this city.