FOR the true chocolate lovers, chocolate that is good enough is never good enough. It’s this philosophy that keeps us in a constant search for the best-tasting chocolate cake.

Without doubt, our taste buds have been tickled by good-tasting chocolate cake offerings over the years but have yet to be fully satisfied with an offering that truly gives that ultimate chocolate experience.

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Over the years, Red Ribbon Bakeshop has come to be known as the leader and innovator in cakes.

With its best-tasting signature cakes like the Black Forest, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Marjolaine that Filipinos have come to love and enjoy, Red Ribbon has become an essential part of every gathering.

Aside from these signature cakes, Red Ribbon has not failed to surprise us year after year with innovative and delightful cake offerings that have instantly become dessert favorites – from the family favorite S’mores Chocolate Cake to the feel-good comfort of Cookies and Cream with Oreo and, most recently, White Forest which brings everyone’s favorites together.

And now, with its first and latest delightful product introduction for 2010 – the new Chocolate Heaven – Red Ribbon looks to fulfill the fantasies of every chocolate-lover – the ultimate chocolate cake that will give the chocolatiest cake experience.

The new Chocolate Heaven promises a taste of heaven with its combination of four kinds of chocolate goodness. It is made with a layer of creamy chocolate mousse on a bed of moist fudgy brownie, enrobed with rich chocolate icing and topped with a generous serving of chocolate curls. This combination of chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate icing and chocolate curls makes it Red Ribbon’s most chocolate-full and most yummy-full.

For chocolate-lovers and dessert-lovers alike who are looking for the chocolatiest cake experience, you need not look further than Red Ribbon’s new Chocolate Heaven.

The new Chocolate Heaven is available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide in Regular (P560) and Junior (P335.00). Visit any Red Ribbon store now.