MANILA -- A think-tank group said that nearly four out of five Filipinos remain dissatisfied with the country's general situation four months before Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo leaves the presidency.

A survey done by Ibon Foundation from January 9 to 17 released Friday showed 78.39 percent of 1,495 respondents found the country's general situation “unsatisfactory.”

“As the Arroyo administration nears the end of its term, majority of Filipinos said they are not satisfied with the country’s situation,” Ibon said.

Sonny Africa, research head of Ibon, said the reason behind the dismal rating is that the government failed to provide solutions to the people's basic needs.

“Most of the Filipinos suffer their basic problems on a daily basis -- low incomes, rising prices, weak livelihoods, and poor prospects. These are concrete reasons to be satisfied,” Africa told Sun. Star.

Only 6.69 percent said they found the situation "Satisfactory," while 12.91 percent answered "don't know."

Ibon said the respondents had been asked, "Towards the end of (Mrs. Arroyo's) term as President, what can you say about the country's general situation?"

Filipinos disapprove Gloria run

The same survey also said most Filipinos are not in favor of the Arroyo's plan to run as Pampanga representative.

Around nine in 10 Filipinos (85.85 percent) are not in favor of her candidacy while only 6.2 percent said they were in favor of Arroyo staying in government as a representative.

Ibon also surveyed the people with the same question last October 2009, a month before the filing of certificates of candidacy but the results were almost the same (85.76 percent).

Eighty two percent said they are aware of her planned congressional bid, a 20-percent jump from the October figure.

The January 2010 Ibon survey was conducted nationwide from January 9 to 17 find out the people’s perception of the economy, their livelihood and income, government performance, and other pressing issues.

The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus three percent. (Virgil Lopez/Sunnex)