A LOT of people only get conscious about the food they eat when they get sick and are in need of medical attention. Because medicine can get very expensive, most of us instill in our minds the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Indeed, healthy living is a good investment. While eating healthy mostly prevents people from getting sick and thus, lowering the cost of health care, healthy living can also enrich one’s body and mind.

In line with this, Eleanor Rivera, a health and wellness advocate and founder of Healing Present Nature & Wellness Center, launched her second cookbook entitled “Divine Sweets and Treats” at Abaseria Deli and Cafe last May 25.

“Divine Sweets and Treats” is her second cookbook after she released “Organic, Divine, Gorgeous: Recipes to a Passionate Cook” in 2016.

Rivera believes that people can easily recover from illnesses by eating fresh and organic food, as human bodies have natural healing abilities. She said that consuming natural food helps the body heal faster than eating highly processed food.

In her research, Rivera found that the Philippines has unique herbs, spices and healing methods that might be better than those presented in Western medicine. This was the guiding force that inspired her to write healthy recipe cookbooks.

Her latest one, “Divine Sweets and Treats,” is especially designed for the young and the young at heart’s appetites. Every recipe provides step-by-step instructions on preparing organic snacks and desserts. The 200-plus page title covers enticing sweet treats which include tropical ice cream, delectably healthy cookies, brownies, pudding and a whole lot more.

Children’s nutrition health programs are also in the cookbook. With the vibrant colors and enticing photographs, each recipe is just simple; its ingredients locally accessible. The book also presents a lot of alternatives on ingredients that are not as easily available.

Above all ingredients and cooking methods, Rivera believes that one’s love and passion with what he or she is doing really add up to the flavor.

“Divine Sweets and Treats: Organic Desserts and Snacks from Healing Present Nature and Wellness Center” is now available for orders on Amazon.com, National Bookstore and Powerbooks.