LAPU-LAPU City Health Officer Rodolfo Berame has a lot of explaining to do before members of the City Council on why he allegedly wouldn’t allow an X-ray machine to be used for over two years.

“It could have eased a little the hospitalization cost or medical requirement for job applicants had it been utilized by our health officials,” said City Councilor Junard Chan in a talk.

Sun.Star Cebu tried to reach Berame for comment, but he was on the field.

Berame has been asked to appear before the council during its regular session.

The Korean-based MF Medical Force had donated the X-ray machine to the City in 2007. The company’s consultant, Kim Sang Hoon, turned it and other medical equipment over to Mayor Arturo Radaza.

“It is in good condition and is ready to operate. It is being placed in one of the rooms of the City Health building,” said a paragraph of the resolution that Chan authored.

Residents had to rely on government or private hospitals in the neighboring cities of Mandaue and Cebu or on private clinics because the Lapu-Lapu City District Hospital doesn’t have an X-ray machine.

Vice Mayor Mario Amores, who happens to be a doctor, said it would-n’t look good for City Hall if Chan’s claim proves to be true.

“I don’t see any reason why a machine worth millions of pesos, but was acquired by the City through a donation, cannot be made available for service to our constituents. This is destructive,” he said, adding that getting an X-ray in a hospital or a private clinic is expensive. (AIV)