IN DAVAO City, chocolates are not just for eating and cooking. They are also used in beauty and wellness procedures.

It was in 2017 when I first heard about Puentespina’s plans to open a chocolate spa in their Malagos Garden Resort in Baguio District. It was the resort’s managing director Charisse Puentespina who shared this interesting information to us during the grand launching of its exceptional Malagos Chocolate Museum.

Fast forward to June 8, 2019, I had the chance to finally try first-hand the Malagos Chocolate Spa services at the resort's Legacy House. I must say, trying what we were just discussing years ago was a pure bliss experience.

The resort started offering its chocolaty spa services in June 2018 and since then, it has become another one good reason to visit Davao City. Who wouldn’t get curious of having chocolates on your skin for a massage?

What I tried was its chocolate back and arms massage. It was a delightful massage that uses 65% Malagos dark chocolate combined with essential oils. What made this 45-minute wellness service extra special is the thought of having an award-winning, world-renowned chocolate applied onto your skin.

But beyond all these, the benefits one could get from a chocolate spa made it more interesting. I learned that chocolate helps improve and invigorate skin cells thus, decreasing the skin's aging process and increasing its firmness.

The services of their well-trained and very accommodating therapists are also unquestionable. At the end of the massage, all I got was a chocolate-scented, relaxed, and rejuvenated body.

I remember asking Ira Sisa Aparra, the resort’s Public Relations & Social Media Officer before trying the spa service if the chocolates used are edible – she answered yes but was quick to add that they don’t recommend guests to eat it. Of course, I had zero plans of licking the chocolates applied on my body, but if you plan to do so out of fun, well, at least we know it’s edible. (HAHAHA)

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