ONE of the easiest ways to know or learn a certain culture is through film. It has been evident since people become more aware and respectful of other people’s beliefs and ways, also with the help of the advancement of technology.

Last Wednesday, June 19, 2019, the Embassy of Hungary, through the vision of Ambassador of Hungary to the Philippines Dr. Jozsef Bencze, the first screening of the Hungarian Film Festival (Huff) was made possible at the SM Lanang Premier in Davao City.

Bencze said that the activity is part of their effort to connect to the city and its people. By showing the culture of the people in Hungary to Davao through a historical film, Bencze believed that it will further connect the two areas.

“This year we decided to have it here in Davao City. We opened a Hungarian consulate so we decided to show a Hungarian film to show our culture,” Bencze said.

“I think it is very important to have this activity,” he added.

The Huff is on its third year in the Philippines but it was the first screening in the city, following Metro Manila. One film every month will be shown for free at the SM Lanang Premier until November this year. The first film showed was Kinscem-Bet on Revenge.

It is a historical adventure film in 2017 featuring a world famous racing horse. It was a story of Erno Blaskovich who lost everything after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Kincsem, a magnificent horse gives a purpose of his meaningless, self-destructing life and he gets a chance to gain everything back including revenge, love and fame.

The film indeed showed a lot of Hungarian culture and history that the Dabawenyos could relate and learn from.

“I hope we could have this HUFF again next year because we wanted to make more contact here,” he said.