Sawom Dabaw

SAWOM, a Bisaya word for dive - a simple word for many but for some, like scuba divers, this word carries a weight of meaning on appreciation and protection.

To grow the number of divers who can experience, witness, and appreciate the wonders underneath the sea – this is the dream of every concern scuba diver. Just like Dr. Fred Medina, a long-time professional scuba diver and newly-installed commissioner of Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving (PCSSD), who envisions to grow the community of divers to strengthen the campaign on preserving and protecting the Philippines’ rich marine resources.

“My dream is to have more scuba divers to witness what is down there (sea), so more people will understand and appreciate what we are talking about. And if that happens, we will have more advocates for the protection of the environment, especially marine life,” he said underscoring there are only a few divers presently active in the diving community.

Dive tourism

However, dive tourism is growing and gaining attention for the past years, a result of contin