April Rama

Max Urbanite

FEW people claim history is made at night. That may be true to Alejandro’s Disco Saturday. Crispy pata fanatics might pause in askance over that statement. Read on, and check out the course of their history in the making.

Alejandro’s Filipino Restaurant, along Don Jose Avila St., boasts of their crispy pata (deep-fried pork knuckles); it is crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

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But there is another side to the yummy. Most of their regulars love music and regular crowd have started to converge there from Thursdays to Saturdays for various musical reasons—acoustic, standards or dance music. As an experiment, the establishment’s Alexis Yap thought of bringing in a DJ just to see how the Saturday crowd would respond. Disco Saturday was borne out of that experiment. It was a tremendous success and every month a Disco Saturday brings on post-adolescent utopia from 10pm onwards.

Disco Saturday gets down to, ahem, boogie on the first Saturday of every month. Themes were put into play ever since its first inception. People know what kind of music to expect and how to dress up: Imagine Studio 54 where music from the popular movie moves everyone to one beat, eerily whimsical and definitely celebratory; or Disco Saturday Lipstick when the most popular cocktail of the venue, thus the name, was given its very own party. The Lipstick is a blend of rum and strawberry—not a bad way to engage the crowd to disco- stomping mayhem.

To date, Disco Saturday continues on its second year and every Disco Saturday enthusiast looks forward to the first Saturday of every month. Coming up is Disco Saturday with Marvin Evangelista on Feb 6 and The 4th Annual Firing Squad Party (their very own Singles’ Party at Alejandro’s) on Feb 13.

Despite disco history happening every night on the first Saturday of the month at Alejandro’s, the food for lunch and dinner still bring on a lot of lip-smacking yummy, lest we forget. And while people wait for the monthly audacious nights, most people may channel their can-dance attitude to the lofty pursuit of crispy pata.