GUADALUPE, Cebu City Barangay Captain Eugenio Faelnar said Banawa and Englis are not ready to form a new barangay, but he will leave it to the people to decide what they want.

He also said while members of the United Banawa-Englis Association Inc. (UBEAI) complained against “dirty tactics” of those against the separation of the two sitios, it is actually the group that is not playing fair.

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The group, Faelnar said, raffled off kilos of rice during a “pulong-pulong” and handed out sample ballots where residents were asked to write “yes.”

“Wala ko’y mahimo kon gusto gyud nila. Pasagdahan na lang nato ang mga tawo. Pero dili pa man na sila ready. Ambot kon nakapalit naba sila’g yuta para barangay hall.

Dili preparado (I can’t do anything if creating a new barangay is what they really want. But they are not ready. I doubt if they’ve bought land for their barangay hall. They are not prepared),” Faelnar said in a telephone interview.

He objected to the accusations of cheating by the “no” camp.

“Sila dia’y nanikas (They’re the ones who are cheating),” he added.

UBEAI president Antonio Dangcalan took offense at what Faelnar said, saying the barangay captain is underestimating the residents of Banawa and Englis.

He said that they are working on the possible site of their barangay hall, confident that the “yes” votes will win in the plebiscite on March 13.

Dangcalan, however, complained against Faelnar’s posters asking people to vote “no.” He said these violate the Commission on Elections (Comelec) guidelines.

“Didn’t the Comelec say the posters should be no larger than two by three meters? Those posters with his picture on them are huge,” Dangcalan said.

He said he and his allies already brought to the attention of the Comelec Faelnar’s posters and those advocating the “no” votes two weeks ago, but their complaint has yet to be acted upon.

On Faelnar’s comment that they are not prepared yet to wean themselves from Guadalupe, Dangcalan said their barangay captain is insulting them.

“We are very much ready…. That is nonsense. He is underestimating the capacity of the Banawa and Englis residents,” Dangcalan said.

Their group, he said, is supposed to be non-political, as their goal is to free Banawa and Englis from Guadalupe.

But he admitted there are parties who have included their personal interests in the campaign to create a Barangay Banawa-Englis.

While there are factions within the UBEAI, its officials and members are still united in the common objective of separating from Guadalupe and forming their own barangay, Dangcalan added.

Faelnar earlier said he will ask the Englis residents to convince the few who are for the creation of the new barangay to vote against it.

Faelnar said that Mayor Tomas Osmeña, if elected congressman of the south district, has promised to propose that Guadalupe be split into three, instead of only two, barangays. (RHM)