Salvador: 55th Hijos de Davao Part 2

DAVAO. Perla Palma Gil & May Lopez. (Jinggoy I. Salvador)
DAVAO. Perla Palma Gil & May Lopez. (Jinggoy I. Salvador)

IT TAKES a village to raise a child. To rear the Davao-born Hijos de Davao, it should take a city.

Believe it or not, behind the glitz and the glamour of the June 29th formal ball is a handful of people making sure the tradition of camaraderie lives on—and run smoothly, while fulfilling the other objectives of the socio-civic foundation. Perhaps only a few people may know of this.

The 55th year affair gathered the staunch supporters of the foundation, which includes some of the founding members. Present as well were the new generation members of the original Davao immigrants. It was heart-warming to see the younger groups have formed a habit of attending the annual affair and enjoying. It was proof that Hijos de Davao will see more years ahead.

In growing fast and more opportunities rising for all locally and elsewhere, it’s easy to lose connection with tradition. But with the dedication of the hardworking team of Hijos, and the reminders of older generation, we should be confident that sense of family in each Davaoeño’s heart and mind will remain.

Thank you and congratulations to Hijos de Davao!

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