OMAR Niño Romero isn’t all pleased with the outcome of his World Boxing Council (WBC) light flyweight clash with reigning champion Rodel Mayol last Sunday at the Coliseo Olimpico de la UG in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Instead of a technical draw, which was decided by the WBC officials after the fight, he believes he should have won because he his punch that KOed Mayol in the third round was clean.

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“Rodel Mayol is a comedian and just laid on the mat to keep his title without fighting like a champion should. It was all a comedy. Omar was robbed of a legitimate victory,” said Romero’s promoter, Hector Garcia, in a report posted at

But Romero’s punch may have been a foul because the left hook to the jaw came after he landed a low blow.

“I was in a lot of pain. I heard the referee shout, “Stop!” So I faced sideways to avoid his punches. The referee wasn’t able to stop him when he delivered the left hook,” Mayol told

“The referee was already going to our side. He tried to stop the action but Omar Nino still charged. I wanted to jump up and down because of the excruciating pain. I did not see that foul hook coming.”

To settle the dispute of the controversial outcome of the bout between Mayol and Romero, there will be an automatic mandatory rematch for both fighters, which is according to WBC rules.

It was the fourth straight bout that ended controversially for Mayol.