Last week, I wrote about two companies that I think are very successful in their attempt to make fake meat (beef, burgers and chicken, etc.) --- out of plants. Both companies, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are now valued at billions, and are being looked up not only for creating great food that have better nutrition and less cholesterol, but also the potential to launch a revolution that will help fight global warming and pollution.

But there is another company that has a reverse take – an American food chain called Arby’s is introducing the ‘marrot’, which essentially looks like carrot food, but is actually made of meat. The purpose is totally different. According to a public release, most people know they’re supposed to eat more vegetables but they don’t, so making vegetables out of meat, means they appear to be eating healthy, but actually it’s delicious meat. What do you think?

Steve Jobs and Lee Iacocca

Everybody knows that Steve Jobs is one of the most influential and well-known personalities that launched the personal computer revolution. His stint in Apple was unparalleled, but most people in the know said that there were actually at least two people who contributed immensely to his success.

While he was the public face, the first person that actually was very important was Tim Cook, who is now Apple’s chief executive officer (CEO). He is good in operations, supply chain, marketing and logistics, and is the person who ensures the difficult part-- that all aspects of Apple must operate like clockwork, for instance, making sure that millions of iPhones or Mac computers are ready in all the Apple stores and resellers, without divulging the design or new features.

The other one was Apple’s chief design officer, Jony Ive. As we know, it is great design that distinguished Apple products from the ‘plain vanilla’ personal computer, and most of them were of Jony’s creations – from the iMac which was available in chicklet colors, to the iBook, iPod, G4 Mac Cube, G4 cube speakers, iMac G4, iPhone, Apple watch and iPad, etc. He is now leaving the company to launch his own independent design company, although Apple would still be the primary client.

Another iconic figure who recently passed away was automotive legend Lee Iacocca who died at the age of 94.

Iacocca was an executive of Ford in the 1970s where he launched the Ford Mustang, and in the 1980s he led the turnaround of the near bankrupt Chrysler. He was also credited in introducing the MiniVan. He was one of the first celebrity CEOs, and his autobiographical book was one of the bestsellers during my time in business school, which was almost a mandatory reading.