THE Cebu Provincial Board (PB) cautions school administrators from inviting political candidates to speak during graduation exercises.

PB Member Juan Bolo sponsored a resolution that said graduation exercises are solemn events and should not be used as a venue for politicians to campaign.

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This elicited reactions from other PB members, most of whom are candidates in the coming May elections.

Bolo said the content of the resolution is not covered under the Fair Elections Act, but it will be prudent for schools not to allow graduation ceremonies to be exploited for political purposes.

While PB Member Victor Maambong described the resolution as “laudable,” he asked if it would be fair for a chairman of an education committee not to speak on stage

because of the resolution.

Bolo said there are no repercussions if a school administration invites politicians to speak during graduation. For him, the issue is about the exercise of prudence.

“The election period has long been started and politicians will do things just to gain the votes of the Filipino people.

(Graduation) is a solemn academic exercise in which

diplomas are conferred as they have completed their degree,” the resolution read.

The PB approved the resolution.

But another proposal of Bolo was not approved due to questions of legality.

Bolo sponsored a resolution to have a recess during the campaign season unless there is a need to call for special sessions.

Maambong, while admitting he needs a recess so he can concentrate on his campaign to be mayor of Consolacion, asked if it will not violate a Department of Interior and

Local Government (DILG) requirement for councils to hold four sessions a month.

Bolo said that since most PB members are running for office in May, he assumed that it will be difficult to reach a quorum when the campaign for local candidates starts on March 26.

Maambong said attending the session is an individual responsibility, not a collective responsibility of the PB.

The PB decided that DILG 7 Director Pedro Noval should be invited to shed light on the matter.