Boomerang: Good Citizens

Boomerang: Good Citizens

Sometimes Filipinos can be hard on themselves—most especially when it comes to social responsibilities and etiquette. Most of the time, they find themselves shaking their heads at acts that seem to mirror the lack of discipline and sensitivities to their fellow citizens. Disregard of the rules—such as those in road traffic and in public places—usually triggers people to question if there is indeed hope for the Filipino. Today, these readers talk about their own personal steps to being good citizens of the community.

“In my almost seven years of being active on social media, I took a big step in being a better citizen by being a sensible and informative Filipino netizen—using social media in a positive way as a platform for my advocacies. I am slowly stepping my way out from the toxicity caused by social ideals—engaging myself more into the real aspects of life—following the basic netiquettes, respecting those who beget respect, sharing sensible information, being updated with and participating in discussions of current issues and events as a better Filipino netizen would do.”

Angelika Concha, 19, architecture student (USC)

“Little things like throwing my trash properly, obeying traffic rules and sharing whatever I have with me with the less fortunate—especially those I encounter in the streets of Cebu. I know these are simple acts of kindness but, when done repeatedly and with heart, they can make a great impact.”

Mark Gilbert Yrezabal, 22, graphic designer/football player

“I have been throwing my trash in the proper place and diligently doing my part in keeping the environment clean.”

Christopher John Consunji, 31, business owner

“By always making it a point to vote during the elections. More importantly, I carefully check the background of each candidate for me to come up with whom I think is worthy to be chosen as our leaders.”

Christian Joseph Casinillo, 22, site engineer


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