FUND raising is not a means to generate money to fund the projects and programs of a certain organization particularly those non-government agencies whether for profit or non-profit. The government in fact, has a different way of raising funds – through taxes. These taxes are either business, income, realty, capital gains tax, donors tax, road users tax... and many more. No wonder it wants to improve tax collection efficiency and even adding new tax measures to have more cash for its operations.

Fund raising is not a way to deceive people who trust organizations. It is not an avenue of exploiting the masses who hope for a better future. It is not a tool used by a political party which sets up a fund raising office. Fund raising is the lifeblood of any organization.

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Organizations have to raise funds in forms that are consistent with their vision, mission, and objectives. Take the case of some organizations needing to fuel its programs using a Raffle project irresponsibly. These organizations ought not to use this form because it is a game of chance and would constitute gambling. Since this kind of fund raising gains support of the people in the corridors of power, it usually succeeds, but not without raising the eyebrows of concerned citizens.

When they know how to use fund raising technology, techniques and tactics in their own organization, fund raising can help organizations as a branch of “Fundology”, fund raising is governed by scientific principles which when observed by the organization would yield more than substantial results. Would that include the items where money is hard to find?

More so, because fund raising is not dependent on the global economic crisis nor the national priority. It is dependent on the packaging of organization services and benefits as well as on the generosity of its contributors and donors. It is not done by mere common sense. It forms part of the organizational plans and programs. The attitude that “we do not have money next month so let us raise funds” will not hold water, and whether you are raising small amounts or big ones would not matter since the same time, effort and preparation will be required for the organization.

Can we raise as much funds as we want? No, it would manifest the greed of the organization wanting to raise money to “as high as the sky” or rather just to enrich themselves and the public would sense a scam.

So, good people out there, here is a piece of advice…. Be wise, sensitive enough to scrutinize and discern the objectives of the fund praising activities of those organizations seeking your financial support.