THE Baguio Benguet Medical Society (BBMS) is investigating the sexual harassment charges against doctors Elmer Jimenez and Relante Raper.

Former BBMS president Bayani Tecson said the society’s ethics committee is in the process of conducting its own investigation and make recommendations to the Philippine Regulatory Commission.

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Tecson said witnesses as well as the two doctors will be called to shed light into the allegations of a 19-year-old nursing student who claims to have been sexually harassed in December last year.

Tecson said the committee which is set to give its decision anytime will be basing its findings on the medical code of ethics.

Tecson said the case is the first in the history of the local medical society.

A 19-year-old nursing student cried foul over the two professionals over operating room conversations on December.

The student, Mary (not her real name) filed both administrative and criminal charges after settlement was not reached last month.

The complaint was filed Dec. 21.

“Because of the circumstances that happened in the operating room during my duty, I felt so harassed and intimidated that I had sleepless nights, I fear going back to Benguet General Hospital,” Mary said.

Tecson said the medical society is also mandated to provide legal aid for both doctor members aside from the private counsels both maintained. (Ma. Elena Catajan)