SIXTEEN senior high school students in Barangay Can-asujan, Carcar City were rushed to the hospital on Monday afternoon, July 8, 2019, after complaining of fainting spells and difficulty in breathing.

Residents in the area claimed that what happened at the Can-asujan National High School may have been the work of “bad spirits,” but a local official dismissed the idea.

Kim Lauron, Carcar City Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office head, said the students suffered from “panic attacks.”

While students were listening to their lecture, one of their classmates suddenly fainted.

Teachers tried to help the unconscious student, but the latter reportedly started kicking and refused assistance.

Then other students started displaying symptoms, such as shortness of breath and hyperventilation.

After receiving the call from the school, emergency responders from the Carcar City Government immediately rushed to the school and brought the affected students to the Carcar Provincial Hospital.

Lauron heard rumors that students suffered from “demonic possession” after some of them reportedly desecrated a tree outside the school while they were preparing for a dance contest organized by the City Government.

But Lauron said that whatever the students had was “medical in nature.” (JKV)