NOPE, I’m not talking about the coming election; I’m talking about, literally, the heat. Let*s face it, it really is hot these days, so hot that our lakes which are the source of our hydroelectric power which supply our electricity have dried up, and left us with a “rationed” electric power supply.

Yes, we have a looming power crisis in Mindanao. In Cagayan de Oro City, we already have started our rotating brownouts just to accommodate the power needs of everyone, from individual houses, to department stores and of industries. So, for the last couple of weeks we have scheduled four-hour brownouts in different areas. What is worst is that there is a proposal to increase it to eight hours.

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The question is how much do you think one can do in an eight-hour absence of power? How many offices would be closed or semi-open, depends upon the kind of perspective you look at it? Let’s take the government offices in the Hall of Justice for example, which just adapted to computerization and got rid of all the typewriters including the typists to do clerical work. In an eight-hour brown-out, do you think complaints can be duly entertained, cases will be filed and scheduled trial will be heard?

One would argue to just let us use candles for lights and hand fans for ventilation. Considering that various records are just strewn all over the building, one spark might cause a conflagration welcome only to the people accused of crimes pending to be tried. Candles then should be banned in that building. This is the month of March, people. It is the Fire Prevention Month, and we know what usually happens when March comes, fire, lots and lots of fire.

Hand fans would have worked if only the Hall of Justice was built with lots of windows to provide the natural air to freely come and go, and to let on some light, too. But no, the architecture of the building is much to be desired. When there is no electricity, it really is dark in there. It feels like you are in the bat cave. And if you have the temerity to remain when the power is out, you end up groping around just to get to the door and exit. Not counting if you can hold on to something ephemeral and not of this world.

One would wonder how come it has arrived to this. Haven’t our esteemed leaders who call themselves servant of the people but with room temperature IQ were warned already of the effects of climate change and the existence of the El Nino its effects? What were they doing before?

This is what we get electing people in the position they are not clearly qualified for. When they win, they also appoint cerebrally challenged people to the posts they don’t have knowledge of. Confronted by issues that require the use of brain and intellect which they don*t possess, they resort to menial things that require only a semblance of mental power dense as a post.

This heat is not doing well to my equilibrium, it makes me nutty. More so that in this heat you cannot switch on your air-condition and have a relaxed state of well-being, but a heated temper that will push you to prevaricate tasks that should have been done one month ago.

The one of the good things that will come of these rotating brownouts is you finally have a reason to buy a new refrigerator considering that due to the fluctuation of electric power, it finally gave its last breath of life. The other is you get creative to deal with this phenomenon. Befriend people who live in different parts of Cagayan de Oro City, ask the schedule of brownouts from your friendly power supplier, and then every time your place has scheduled brown-out, go to the house of your friend and do your thing there. Just be sure not to irritate the heck out of your friend nor overstay your welcome. Remember, these brownouts are predicted not to last until after the elections, but friendships are forever. (Want to react? Email me at