THREE operative words for the whole Aboitiz Group: security, affordability and sustainability.

It is indeed very refreshing to meet new faces and learn from meaningful conversations.

The Pampanga Press Club enjoyed the round-table talks with the executives of Aboitiz Power Corporation during the recent announcement of Widus Hotel and Casino's 100 percent use of renewable energy.

AboitizPower is one of the largest power generation companies that offer renewable energy. It has three geothermal plants in Laguna, Batangas and Albay.

Felino Bernardo, AboitizPower EVP and COO, said their goal is to provide reliable and sufficient power supply at reasonable and competitive prices.

AboitizPower believes in the balance between people, the planet, and profits. I commend them for doing business conscientiously and with a mission to educate more people about sustainability.

AboitizPower is generating at least 600 megawatts of power from its geothermal plants and Widus is now fully powered by Aboitiz. The corporation is using the national power grids for distribution.

Interesting as well is the Aboitiz Group's commitment to help communities through corporate social responsibility programs.

To date, David Aboitiz said that the two foundations, Don Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. or RAFI and the Aboitiz Foundation Inc. are working hand-in-hand in providing services for integrated development, micro finance and entrepreneurship, culture and heritage, leadership, education and environmental protection.

RAFI has a Nine Million Trees program, most of which are planted in Cebu and the Visayas regions. David, who actively works with the Aboitiz Foundation and RAFI, emphasized the importance of planting indigenous trees that are endemic to Philippine soil and the survival rates of trees as well.

I am impressed that the Aboitiz group is doing its responsibility of protecting the environment since they belong to the power generation industry. It is indeed a must for them to do their part because they generate money from our natural resources.

By the way, just a small trivia, Don Ramon established his first foundation in 1965. The RAFI is anchored on Don Ramon's philosophy that "the dignity of man is best respected by helping him realize his hopes and by sharing with him the burden of his fears."