MANILA— A group of parents torched a school in the central Philippines after complaining their children weren't given the food promised by a government program aimed at boosting school attendance, police said Tuesday.

The gutted walls were all that remained of the one-story Gaib Elementary School in Masbate island province, said provincial police chief Ed Benigay. No one was hurt because the school was empty when it burned down overnight, he said.

"It was done by some disgruntled parents who reportedly got mad at some teachers over perceived discrimination in the school's nourishment program," he said.

He said the parents accused the teachers of not giving their children enough rice. Under the government's "Food for School" program that seeks to encourage school attendance, each student in impoverished areas is supposed to be given 2.2 pounds (a kilogram) of rice every day.

The arson left nearly 150 students aged 5-10 without a classroom, Benigay said, adding that important records also were lost.

Police said no arrests have been made but they will file charges soon. (AP)