ELEVEN days of hunting and hoarding await book lovers as the Big Bad Wolf officially kicks off the world’s biggest book sale Friday, July 12, at the Laus Group Event Center in the City of San Fernando.

Thousands of English books in various genres including novels, children’s books, young adult titles, thriller, science fiction, cookbooks, architecture books, designs books, and business books are made available to the customers, all at a discount rates of 50 to 90 percent off the recommended retail price.

Twelve unique magical books title, including six brand new ones launched for the first time in Pampanga, featuring augmented reality technology that revolutionizes reading for next generation are also available at the book sale. The books allow children to sing, dance, read, and play at the same time, making them part of the characters’ come alive journey in the story.

Big Bad Wolf founder Jacqueline Ng, who led the launching of the book sale, shared the organizer’s mission of increasing the literacy in the places they visit “by making books affordable and accessible to everyone.”

“Books should not be limited to certain income levels and most importantly, books should never be not accessible to every child in the world and that is what we want to address in Big Bad Wolf,” said Ng in her speech.

Ng furthered that Big Bad Wolf, which is focused of marketing quality English books at the lowest possible price, also aims to encourage reading and promote books to non-reading people.

“We’re doing our own little path of changing the world one book at a time because a book is not just about knowledge and education but also creates a dream and allows to be inspired and empowered,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, aside from bringing the best in quality English books, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale also believes in giving back to the community through Red Readerhood program, a part of its corporate-social responsibility (CSR).

For the Pampanga leg, Big Bad Wolf’s CSR arm will be partnering with the Gawad Kalinga to furnish its community libraries and schools in the province with more books to be donated by the organizer and kind-hearted customers.

Big Bad Wolf has kick-started the initiative by pledging 500 books while sale-goers are encouraged to pay it forward by purchasing a book from the designated Red Readerhood booth inside the venue.

Vice Mayor Jimmy Lazatin, who was in attendance during the launching, welcomed the Big Bad Wolf and expressed gratitude to its organizers for bringing the “international and one of the most sought-after book sale event” in the city.

“The City of San Fernando is very fortunate to host this international event right in our midst. This is the first time that Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is held north of Metro Manila and we are happy that you choose our city,” he said.

Lazatin added that through book sales, Fernandinos, especially youth, are not only given the accessibility to wealth of information, but also provides chance to elevate the way of thinking of the people through reading of books.

“This event hits two birds in one stone. Aside from the wealth of information, the affordable books of Big Bad Wolf also support the city government’s endeavor of educating youth through their donation to Gawad Kalinga,” he said.