WHAT a surprise!

Craggy streets are being asphalted in the valley!

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The “creek” in our streets is being filled with asphalt and gravel. It has been a long time coming but what a relief! Albeit temporary from the looks of how the road repairs are going, most likely with a short lifespan not even surviving the first drops of much needed rain during the coming months, it is still much appreciated.

Although it is much valued these road repairs in the main thoroughfare of our provincial capital, a question does come to mind - why only now?

The local government has set up cordons along the commercial stretch along kilometer four of the valley that has helped in easing up the traffic. But have they just realized only lately that the craggy highway has slowed traffic as well and much needed repairs were is order?

Better late than never I’d guess. Makes you wonder if it would be good to have every year as an election year.

Well, while they are at it, I think they should also address the run-offs that are expected during the downpour of our rainy season. If you don’t address this, you would just shorten the life of our paved roads. Value for money?

Yes, indeed. Value for money indeed.

It has been a week since we have seen some cosmetic repairs to the valley’s main arterial road and I’d say it does not need the rains to let us all know that the repairs have been very superficial.

Surprise, surprise. The crags are back!